Please visit our Home Page to find fishing ports where you can purchase fresh halibut when in season!

2018: Halibut is fished sporadically.

Check our facebook, twitter and events calendar for landing dates.

Buying Cape Breton Halibut

Purchasing Seafood Directly from the Harvester

You can purchase up to 25kg of seafood per day for personal consumption from a fish harvester.

NOTE: You cannot buy cooked or otherwise processed (such as cut) seafood from a fish harvester. But there is no law which prevents you from asking anyone to cook or process the seafood in your possession.

A non-profit organization can purchase any amount for resale as a fundraiser.

When & Where to Purchase

The East Coast of Cape Breton (Grounfish Area 4Vn) has about 100 licence holders from Bay St. Lawrence to Gabarus.

Use the map above to locate a port near you but not all are halibut landing ports. The Halibut fishery opens a week at a time, then closes for quota evaluation. The Marine Weather is a major factor — halibut fishing grounds are far from shore. Check the events calendar or our facebook and twitter for daily updates.

Upon arrival at the port, approach a boat and ask the crew if you can buy a whole halibut or better yet, call your fisherman friend.

At Restaurants & Markets

Many of the island’s lobster pounds, restaurants, grocery, fish and farmer’s markets also sell seafood harvested in our region.

A Sustainable Choice

Our fishery has been eco-certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. The Marine Stewardship Council is an independent non-profit organization that sets a global standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

Useful Hints

Fisher harvesters are a great source of information on all of the above and more!