The CBFHA has been representing and informing fish harvesters since 2010!

About The Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Association (CBFHA)


The Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Association is an accredited non-profit association managed by a volunteer board of ten directors all of whom are local fish harvesters. Our board represents members from Bay St. Lawrence to Gabarus. We provide effective communication between members, industry, DFO, Transport Canada, NS Occupational Health & Safety, and work with other associations on issues of  Owner/Operator and research projects.

The CBFHA has an office in North Sydney with 2 permanent staff members to serve our membership and coordinate our science program. Our main focus is serving the multi-species owner-operator fleet in eastern Cape Breton and to seek guidance from members to improve representation and services. Such services include: assistance with National On-line Licensing System (NOLS), trap tags supply, and access to logbooks and forms. Most notable is our At-Sea Monitoring program.

As part of the CBFHA’s At-Sea Monitoring Program we arrange for technicians to join our members at sea on a regular fishing day and record data. This information is confidential and shared only with that harvester to inform local sustainable decision making. Raw data is also sent to DFO and informs larger decision making processes. Some of our successes from our At-Sea monitoring program in the lobster fishery includes DFO approving the retention of perch (cunner) as an allowable bait species and the increase in the minimum allowable size of lobster from 81 mm to 82.5 mm.

The CBFHA stays up to date with changing conditions and are currently working with DFO to be an approved by-catch monitoring service for all of our members should new regulations be implemented by DFO in LFA27.


Brandon Marsh
Bhreagh Krszwda