Where can you enjoy delicious lobster without the fuss and mess AND feel good about where your money is going? Not only that, the lobster is LOCAL (within a few km), as FRESH as can be, and SELECTED for quality, size and looks! You can even meet with your local politicians! (Photo top: North River Lobster Supper)

Lobster suppers are organized by local halls, churches and fire departments as fund raisers to maintain those valuable institutions in our communities. The volunteers involved in cooking lobster, preparing salads and desserts, serving, and cleaning up are truly amazing people. But if you want to meet them, roll up your sleeves and help with the dishes! In most cases, fishermen (who may also volunteer) donate the lobster.

As our communities are dwindling and aging, it is difficult to maintain this tradition — best example is Alder Point who had to cancel their annual lobster supper this year for lack of volunteers. Volunteer activities are enriching, so please consider helping out so that we don’t lose this wonderful tradition.

As the season progresses, Cape Breton lobster aims to help advertise lobsters suppers throughout our
region, so stay connected!