March 13, 2019

Minutes, Wednesday March 13, 2019

Attendance: Wendell Murphy, David Ferguson, Michael Barron, Richard MacPhee, Cole MacLellan, Hugh Fraser, Jay MacDonald, Blair Fricker, Veronika Brzeski

Meeting Opened at 2:30

  • Minutes from Feb 8th meeting – approval delayed until next meeting
  • Introduction of New Board
  • Recap of AGM
    • Marlene Brogan – in conflict of Owner Operator? Requires qualifications on Allegations of ties with licenses. ACTION: Michael to write an email to ask questions.
    • Dylan Yates – video on marine debris. David would like to reconsider the response. David willing to do the interview or have a few directors together. Motion to invite Mr. Yates to the next meeting (Michael), seconded by Jay. All in favour.
  • Replacement Trap tag policy
    • ACTION: V to talk to Ginny and Lori about writing a letter
  • Seal harvesting licenses, courses, etc. Seek information about:
    • Firearm Acquisition Possession
    • time frame for the new licenses?
    • New courses (Humane seal …)
  • Upcoming meetings
    • Mackerel Advisory Committee (march 14, Halifax) (V over the phone)
    • Scatarie Bank MPA Research Panel (March 15, CBU) Becs
    • Fisheries Safety Association (March 19, Halifax) Skip it!
    • Scallop Advisory Committee (March 27, Halifax) V. over the phone
    • Scotia Fundy Round Table (March 29, Halifax) (David or Mike?)
  • Other
    • Meetings planned in office with the NS offshore petroleum board and with Aaron Stephenson from ropeless fishing gear. ACTION: v to let directors know the schedule.
    • Michael Barron: Working group with NS fisheries minister. Work towards a premium lobster – with it reflected on the price for fish harvesters. Motion: Hugh to support Michael to work on this working group. Second: Richard.
    • V to work on quality project with Stacey Frame.

Meeting Adjourned: 4pm.