Michael Barron

Michael Barron


Ray Sherwood

Ray Sherwood

Vice President


Richard MacPhee
Big Bras d'Or


Geln Tredwell

Glen Tredwell
Glace Bay



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Jay MacDonald

Josh Fricker

Josh Fricker
Neil's Harbour

Blair Fricker

Blair Fricker
Neil's Habour


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Wendell Murphy
Little River

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Bay St. Lawrence

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Scott Erickson
Point Aconi



Michaela Oravecz
Grand Mira North, NS

Project Coordinator


Adena Peters
Sussex, NB

Project Coordinator

Due to COVID-19, we were, unfortunately, unable to hire technicians for the 2020 lobster season to completed our At-Sea Sampling program.

2019 Lobster Technicians

Hi my name is Adena. I am a soon to be graduate from the Marine Environment Technology program at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University with a background in Marine Biology from the University of New Brunswick Saint John. I’m originally from New Brunswick but have been studying and working all around the Atlantic provinces in the marine science field. Working with the Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Associations this summer, I hope to learn more about the owner/operator fisheries in Cape Breton and the scientific research conducted by CBFHA that contributes the sustainability of the fishery.

Hi my name is Michaela Oravecz and I am from Grand Mira North. I have recently obtained my Advanced Diploma in Ocean Technology from Nova Scotia Community College. Before this, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Technology focusing on Electronics and Controls from Cape Breton University. I am thrilled to be working with the Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Association as a Lobster Technician, and to have been given the chance to work with their Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems. This will allow me to work more closely with the members of the association and the fishermen in my community, as well as being able to see what happens below the ocean’s surface. I am very excited for this opportunity to participate in the scientific research that helps ensure the sustainability of the fisheries for the future.

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Hello, my name is Drew MacLean. I am entering my third year of the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment program at Cape Breton University, concentrating in biology and political science. I am ecstatic to be working as a Lobster Technician with the Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Association. This exciting opportunity provides me with a chance to be involved in sustainability research while also exploring environmental policies such as bill C-68. I will be sampling in the Emera Cable Zone which includes areas such as Point Aconi, Big Bra D’or, North Sydney, and many more. I am looking forward to a great summer on the water with CBFHA!


Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Gove. I am entering my fourth year of university in September. I will be graduating with my honours in biology and a certificate in forensic science from Saint Marys University. I am excited to be working with Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Association for my second year. I will be continuing to sample in the Donkin area which includes Glace Bay, Port Morien, and False Bay. Im eager to conduct more research for the sustainability of lobsters in my hometown and to meet new people/see everyone from last year!

Thank you to all the fishermen who allowed our technicians to sample on their boats over the course of the 2019 lobster season! They all had a blast!

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