Cape Breton Exhibition 2015

By Veronika Brzeski

From August 17 to 21, the LFA27 Management Board crew (aka Cape Breton Lobster) manned a booth at the Cape Breton Exhibition in North Sydney. The goal of the exhibit was to promote our local seafood industry (small, coastal owner-operators). Fishermen and lobster technicians were on hand to chat with visitors and answer questions. Our…

Port Morien

By Veronika Brzeski

Port Morien is a beautiful fishing village in south eastern Cape Breton. The name was incorporated in 1895. Previously, it was called Cowbay. Coal Mining was prominent from 1859 to 1912. From 2005 to the present, Morien has received a complete makeover, thanks to the efforts of the Port Morien Development Association. The most important…

Community Lobster Suppers

By CB Lobster

Where can you enjoy delicious lobster without the fuss and mess AND feel good about where your money is going? Not only that, the lobster is LOCAL (within 10km).