Thank you for visiting! Home to the LFA 27 ¬†Management Board. We hope this new website will help visitor’s and local residents in Cape Breton find places to purchase the amazing products that come from our pristine coastal waters.

On our home page is a handy map where you can see the ports being used by fish harvesters on the east coast of Cape Breton. If you click on a port icon, you will see how many boats are fishing from each port and when the best times are to buy seafood directly from the harvester. We will be updating the map often with more ports, and tips for connecting with harvesters in the area.

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We will also be expanding our site with more information on the science and research taking place in our fishing area in the near future. We want to show you how we are working to maintain sustainable local food production that is healthy, affordable and good for the environment and our community. Be sure to bookmark our page and check back for these updates.

Finally, we are excited to be connecting with folks on social media as well. Please like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram too and of course share our site with your friends!

Thanks for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy our wonderful local seafood products this year. If you have any feedback on ways we can improve our site, please leave us a comment or contact us.