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St Anns Bank- Marine Protected Area

The Cape Breton Fish Harvesters Association (previously the LFA27 Management Board) represents inshore owner-operator fish harvesters in Eastern Cape Breton many of whom are fishing or have historically fished in the area covered by the St. Anns Bank proposed Marine Protected Area. Association members are heavily affected by the proposed MPA, which covers over 15…

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Modeling the Drift of Lobster Larvae

Guest post by Brady K. Quinn, University of New Brunswick, Saint John, NB After lobster eggs hatch, baby lobsters, called larvae, are released into the ocean. These larvae spend the first 3-8 weeks or more of their life in waters near the surface and then eventually settle back to the seabed at the end of the larval phase. While…

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Lobster Genetics

Guest post by Laura Benestan, graduate student with the NSERC Canadian Fisheries Research Network Imagine being responsible for managing a moose population, which includes a hunt. To do it sustainably you would need to know how many moose there are in your herd (population) and how many could be taken every year without diminishing the…

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